About the placement of Yuangong type Cu365 intrauterine device

Compensation regulations for pregnant women with a device and those who have fallen off the IUD. If a pregnant woman with a device is diagnosed after the Cu365 IUD is placed, the company will provide the following compensation:

1. A pregnancy with a device will be given an abortion fee of 160 yuan, a subsidy of 100 yuan, and a total of 260 yuan. The company remits the subsidy directly to the bank card provided by the pregnant person with the device or mails it to the pregnant person with the device.

        Certificate materials to be provided by pregnant women:

      (1) Copy of my ID card

      (2) Proof of placing IUD

      (3) B-ultrasound certificate after pregnancy

      (4) Abortion certificate and IUD taken out

       Mail the above certification materials to No.58 Xinhai Street, Fushan High-tech Zone, Yantai City, Yantai Family Planning Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. After-sales service department, post code: 265500

     (Note: Please enclose your detailed address, zip code, phone number and your bank card number when mailing). If you have access to the Internet, please fill in the return visit registration form on the Internet, and click to submit when you are finished.

2. Those who have fallen off the IUD can use the after-sales service card and the fallen IUD to relocate the IUD to the hospital where it was originally placed, free of charge for the cost of the IUD.

    The hospital receives a new IUD from the dealer with the dropped IUD

After-sales service phone:0535-6302319

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