Letter on seeking joint development of new contraceptive products

This cooperation project is a brand-new intrauterine drug sustained-release system, which can be placed in the uterine cavity for a long time (more than three years, can be taken out at any time) to release the loaded drugs constantly, and achieve contraception and contraception through the absorption of the endometrium. The purpose of preventing and treating gynecological diseases.

This intrauterine drug sustained-release system has significant advantages over the current clinically used IUD:

1. Use medical silicone rubber material as the carrier of controlled release drugs. This material has good compatibility with the human body, stable performance, corrosion resistance, and aging resistance. Its hardness and elasticity are the same as the uterine body, and it can adapt to the movement of the uterine cavity without machinery. stimulate.

2. The structure of the carrier is compatible with the uterine cavity, which can reduce the probability of displacement and shedding. This structure is similar to the Yuangong IUD developed and listed by our company. In a survey of 122,000 cases of 13 IUDs conducted by the National Family Planning Commission of China, the 5-year adverse event discontinuation rate of this structured IUD is lower than TCu380IUD6. 85 percentage points, the five-year renewal rate is 11.61 percentage points higher than TCu380IUD. This structure of IUD has been widely used in China.

3. This product is low in cost and easy to place. It is a non-invasive gynecological operation and can be placed in general gynecological outpatient clinics. It is easy to accept by the recipient and is suitable for popularization in a large area.

Our company is a professional contraceptive R&D and production enterprise with 25 years of R&D experience. The Yuangong-type IUD independently developed and produced by our company has been widely promoted in China, accounting for 46% of the national market share. This project is our company's participation in the Ministry of Science and Technology; the 12th Five-Year Plan; the subject of the Science and Technology Support Plan. It is an improvement and innovation based on the Yuangong-type IUD and has been patented. The trial-production work has been initially completed, and clinical trials, registration, and listing are being improved and prepared. Due to financial difficulties, the cooperation and support of relevant organizations were sought.

We hope that through our joint efforts, this new technological product will be launched as soon as possible to benefit women all over the world.

 Yantai Family Planning Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

  July 31, 2017

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