Staff training in November 2009

Main content of training

At the beginning of November, the company conducted a large-scale training and appraisal activity for employees in response to the "Clean Zone Work Sanitation Management System". The content involves the personal hygiene of the clean area, the precautions for the staff in the clean area, the cleaning of equipment and work surfaces, and the procedures for personnel entering and exiting the clean area.

Excellent trainer

Liu Chunling, Xing Dufeng, You Liyan, Yin Dongbo, Chu Miao, Li Shoumei, Ding Guoying

Ma Xiaoyan Sun Shuni Xu Dongli Sun Shuhong Yang Xin Wei Hongyan Zhang Haiyan

Wang Qiandi Bao Xiumei Ge Cuihong Yin Xiuzhen Jiang Juan Wang Tian

Liu Jian, Sun Chengli, Xing Cuiping, Wang Fengping, Tian Ling, Li Cuiping

The above employees obtained full marks in this training assessment.

Training perception

Through this training, the understanding of different regulations and various systems has been improved. In the future work, I will strictly demand myself, abide by various systems, and strive to do better!

——Storage seedlings

Passing this exam gave me a deeper understanding of the company's products, a serious study of the company's rules and regulations, and improved my ideological awareness.

——Ge Cuihong

This exam made me realize that hygiene plays an important role in the production process of the workshop, and the quality of employees is constantly improving.

                                               ——Yu Hongxia

Through this examination, I deeply understand the importance of a hygienic environment to product production, and I also feel that I am lacking in quality. In the future, I will strictly require myself to abide by the company's rules and regulations.

——Xing Dufeng

I treated this exam with my heart and understood the rules and regulations of the purification workshop deeply, and I will try my best to keep it in the future.


Message from the management representative

    Through this training, employees have deepened their understanding of the "Clean Area Work Sanitation Management System" and improved their work skills and behavioral quality. The company will conduct comprehensive training in accordance with the training plan to improve all aspects of work. At the same time, training assessment results will be included in the scope of employee performance assessment together with the company's upcoming assessment measures. Every employee is required to strengthen learning in the future work, and continuously improve their business level and professional skills.


Yantai Family Planning Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

November 2009

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