The main advantages of the birth control ring

       Because the front and back of the vagina are in a closed state than usual, the vaginal contraceptive ring is generally not easy to come out in the deep part of the vagina. The ring is small in size and deep in the vagina. There is no obvious foreign body sensation during the same room, and it has little effect on sexual life, so it is welcomed by most people.

       Although the IUD does not interfere with the development of follicles and mature ovulation in the uterine cavity, nor does it completely hinder the sperm-egg combination, but due to the mechanical and (or) drug release effects of the IUD in the uterine cavity, it prevents the implantation of the fertilized egg. . After histological, histochemical and biochemical examinations of the endometrium, it is believed that the IUD can change the body fluid environment in the uterine cavity and increase the activities of nucleotidase, acid phosphatase and alkaline phosphatase in the endometrium, thereby affecting Growth, development and implantation of fertilized eggs.

       The contraceptive effect of the intrauterine contraceptive device is good, and the effective period is long. It can be used by women who have given birth or are willing to use this method for contraception. Of course, the use of this method of contraception is not 100% insurance, and it is more common for women who are pregnant with a ring.

       There are many models of IUDs, and doctors will choose the appropriate model according to the size of the female cervix.

       Does not inhibit ovulation, does not affect the female endocrine system, thus avoiding the adverse effects of general contraceptive drugs. No major harm to the body, long-term contraception can be used.

       Does not affect sex life: Many people like to wear a condom when they are in the same room, but they don't have that high sexual interest, and it is very troublesome. Seriously affect the life between husband and wife.

       Will not affect women's fertility: if you want a baby, just take out the ring, it will not affect the body.

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