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Product Introduction


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Yuangong Cu365 IUD is a new IUD product with independent intellectual property rights successfully developed by our company in cooperation with Shandong Medical Device Research Institute and Shandong Qilu Hospital. In 2002, it was approved for production by the State Food and Drug Administration and has been promoted and applied nationwide. The annual sales volume reaches more than 200,000 sets. No adverse events occurred, and the product is very popular.

       Yuangong Cu365 IUD uses imported 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel wire and medical silicone rubber as the main material. This material has good compatibility with the human body, corrosion resistance and aging resistance, and can be placed in the human body for a long time. According to the clinical observation of metal single-ring rings for half a century, this material can be placed in the human body throughout the reproductive cycle without replacement and no adverse reactions.

       The shape design of Yuangong Cu365 IUD conforms to the shape of the uterus. The cross arms of the IUD are in the shape of a reverse arc, with 150 angles upturned on both sides, which matches the shape of the fundus of the uterus. The transverse arm is 28mm long, which is consistent with the first transverse diameter of the uterus in most women. Both ends of the cross arm are medical silicone rubber ball heads to reduce the stimulation and damage to the uterine horns on both sides. The spring structure of the IUD cross arm has good elasticity, and can be adapted to different uterine fundus widths by changing the upturn angle. The structure of Yuangong Cu365 IUD can better adapt to the placement of all normal uterus.

       The lower half of the Yuangong Cu365 IUD is an oval spring coil. When the uterus contracts, it can be squeezed by the two side walls of the uterus to produce elastic deformation, so as to relieve the pressure and stimulation of the contact parts of the IUD and the two side walls of the uterus. After the IUD is stressed, it will move upward, that is, the fundus of the uterus, and generally will not move downward or fall off. This elastic structure can also be adapted to the uterus that is tilted back and forth, and is convenient for IUD removal and in vitro observation.

       The longitudinal diameter of Yuangong Cu365 IUD is designed to be 20mm, which is about 8mm less than the longitudinal diameter of other IUDs. This structure can keep the IUD away from the irritable area of the uterine isthmus and avoid the frequent contractions of the uterus caused by the IUD stimulation. Side effects such as pain and discomfort can increase the survival rate of IUD; without tail wire, it can reduce ascending infection and the impact on sexual life; this kind of IUD is not conducive to implantation of fertilized eggs due to its better space in the fundus of the uterus , Can further reduce the pregnancy rate with a device.

       The copper area of Yuangong Cu365 IUD is 365mm2, which can effectively reduce the pregnancy rate with a device. The product adopts a copper loading method with a built-in copper wire, which can avoid direct contact and compression of the endometrium by metal copper, reduce the local over-stimulation of copper ions on the endometrium, and reduce side effects such as pain and bleeding. Because the copper wire is wrapped in the stainless steel wire spiral tube, even if the copper spiral tube is melted, it will not leave the IUD, ensuring the long-term constant release of copper ions.

       Yuangong Cu365 IUD For the placement of Yuangong Cu365 IUD, our company has successfully designed a simple, easy-to-use, safe and reliable disposable placement device, which makes the operation of medical staff more convenient and suitable for popularization at the grassroots level. application.

Steps for usage

The first step is to hold the handle of the placement device with one hand and hold the slide block with the thumb to keep it in the upper position; use the thumb and index finger to close the positioning clip ① and press down with the other hand, so that the cross arm of the IUD is placed in the tubeIn the second step, according to the measured depth of the uterine cavity, move the positioning clip ③ to the position of the corresponding scale line; adjust the curvature of the placement tube according to the inclination of the uterine cavity.The third step is to gently send the IUD along the uterine cavity through the cervix to the fundus (the positioning clip touches the cervix).

The fourth step is to move the slider down to the middle position to make the cross arm of the IUD out of the placement tube.The fifth step is to send the placement device to the fundus of the uterus (about 15mm) and swing it left and right several times at the same time, so that both ends of the IUD's cross arms are placed in the uterine horn.The sixth step is to move the slider down to the lower end position to make the IUD all come out of the placement tube; against the lower edge of the IUD, gently feed it in several times. When it is confirmed that the IUD has been placed at the fundus of the uterus, the placement device is withdrawn and the operation ends.

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