Copper containing Yuan Gong containing indomethacin IUD

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Product Introduction


Copper containing Yuan Gong containing 

indomethacin IUD(small)


Copper containing Yuan Gong containing 

indomethacin IUD(medium)


Copper containing Yuan Gong containing 

indomethacin IUD(large)

      1. The main body of Yuangong medicine copper 200 type is made of high-quality stainless steel wire. Its advantages are good compatibility with the human body, moderate elasticity, corrosion resistance, and anti-aging. It can be effectively placed in the human body for more than 10 years. Copper wire It is placed in a stainless steel wire spiral tube to ensure a constant copper ion dissolution rate and avoid local excessive stimulation caused by direct contact between metal copper and the endometrium. (The stainless steel wire is the same material as the original metal single ring. According to clinical experience and the literature reports of experts such as Zhuang Liuqi and Han Xiangyang, it can be placed in the human body for more than 10 years. Silicone rubber is a material for artificial heart valves, which is not easy to age. Can be stored for a long time, and its service life can be set as 10 years.)

       2. The anti-arc structure and smooth end angle of the upper edge of the Yuan Gong medicine copper 200 type are compatible with the fundus and uterine horns. The semi-circular arc shape of the lower edge forms two supporting points with the uterus. When the uterus contracts When the upper edge of the spiral tube is elastically deformed, the two end horns move toward the uterine corners; when the lower edge of the semicircular arc is compressed, it moves in the direction of the center of the circle, that is, the direction of the fundus of the uterus. Therefore, the Yuan Gong IUD The physical shape conforms to the uterine morphology and uterine dynamics principle, which can effectively reduce the shedding rate and side effects.

  3. Yuangong medicine copper 200 type is a copper-containing drug type IUD. Loading indomethacin 18mg can further reduce side effects such as pain/bleeding.

   Fourth, Yuangong medicine copper 200-type placer, the concave fork of the fork is tightly fitted with the IUD, can automatically lock the IUD, and the IUD will not slip or shift during the placement process, ensuring that the IUD is accurately placed in place. The placement device has good plasticity, and the curvature of the placement device can be adjusted according to the inclination of the uterus. The diameter of the placement device is only 3.8mm, and the cervix is generally not required to be expanded during placement. Its structure is reasonable and the operation is simple, which is suitable for popularization and application at the grassroots level.

Steps for usage

According to the measured depth and inclination of the uterine cavity, select the appropriate IUD (use B-ultrasound measurement if possible); insert the upper midpoint of the IUD into the fork; adjust the curvature of the placement device and the position of the positioning blockGently send the IUD along the uterine cavity through the cervix to the fundus of the uterus. Make sure that the IUD does not slip off or shift during the advancing process; gently swing the placement device from side to side several times to place the two end corners of the IUD In both uterine hornsFix the placement tube, push the cover about 2mm, the IUD can be pulled out of the placement device fork and placed in the uterine cavity; retract the placement device about 20mm, hold the lower edge of the IUD, and gently feed it several times , To place the IUD in the correct position at the bottom of the uterus; withdraw the implanter and the operation ends

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